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SL Tax Group is a full service firm that handles tax preparation and planning, provides bookkeeping and accounting, and has the tools and know-how to help owners plan and grow their businesses. Our dream team of specialists will get you the low taxes you want and the compliance with local, state, federal, and international tax regulations and accounting standards you need.


We will set up an excellent chart of accounts, clean all of your old bookkeeping up, and make sure that your financials are accurate every month so that you can make the decisions that count.

Individual & Small Business Tax Preparation

SL Tax Group is really focused on small businesses, and entrepreneurs. No matter what business entity you are, we can help you get your books in order and complete your taxes every year.

Tax & Business Planning

Is it time to take your sole proprietorship and make it into an LLC or S-Corp? We can help you answer that question.  

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